Fuelled by tech, we’ve made EV charging smarter

Founded in 2021, iEquos is a tech-based software company that provides EV drivers, businesses, operators and service providers with full control of their charge point systems. We were frustrated with the current EV market and the charging infrastructure out there. Why were EVs getting more sophisticated and high-tech whilst the charging points were getting left behind? So we thought we’d do something about it.

In essence, we take the stress out of EV charging, making it simple, reliable and scalable. We give you back the control, with an easy to use platform with 24/7 support. We may be fuelled by tech, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know the importance of human connection. What sets us apart is our ability to provide another human being on the end of the phone when you, or your charge point, needs us most. No call centres and no automated messages.

Reduced carbon emissions, improved sustainability

Above all, we care for our planet. Our purpose is to make EV charging and system management as easy and simple as possible, to stop individuals and businesses shying away from making the switch to electric.

It’s not as big a hurdle as many think. At iEquos, we show them how.

The iEquos team

We are a small team that is growing rapidly. From our tech developers to our sales team, we’re a start-up that values every one of our employees. iEquos HQ is based in Haywards Heath, just outside Brighton.

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