The iEquos Platform

iEquos is an EV charging software that provide fully customisable charge point management that’s compatible with all charge point manufacturers. Fuelled by tech, iEquos offers the tools and features for drivers and businesses to meet all their charge point needs whilst simplifying the process and improving control.

Control Usage

Get what you need from your EV charge points with full access and usage controls.

Restrict Usage

Only allow the drivers you want to use your EV charge points.

Set Opening Times

Set different opening times throughout the week and for different user groups.

Control Usage Method

Choose how drivers will use your charge points. Whether that be with an RFID card, Driver App or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Plus, customise the method for each user group.

Manage Tariffs

Set up multi-tariffs and exclusive rates for visitors and employees, as well as for different times of day.

Drive Revenue

Enable Public Charging

Set opening times for public use of individual chargers as well as manage all subscriptions and tariffs.

Payment Management

iEquos takes the stress out of managing payments by handling them on your behalf, sending just one monthly payment to you.

Transparent Reporting

Access full, real-time financial data and reporting of your charge point system and network.


Keep charge points online and in working condition with iEquos’ maintenance package.

24/7 Support

Never be left with faulty charge points. Access 24/7 support, every day of the year.

Full Control

Most issues can be fixed with a tap of a button. Carry out system resets, unlock connectors and start or end sessions via the iEquos App.

Fault Diagnostics

We’re able to remotely identify faults, notify you and then fix them remotely before a driver even reports an issue.

Full Issue Reporting

Receive and access full issue reporting, as well as track any open issues.

iEquos Software

Energy Optimisation

We provide the tools and data so that you can optimise your energy usage and make realistic changes to your EV charging strategy.

Load Balancing

Protect your power supply as well as the power grid with load balancing.

Smart & Priority Charging

Prioritise certain chargers and set up smart charging for optimal cost and energy efficiency.

Energy Monitoring

Keep on track of energy usage and be notified if an issue occurs.

Energy Reporting

Understand the energy usage of your entire system, as well as on an individual charger level.


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