An all-in-one EV charging solution for fleets

Take charge of your fleet, whether you are transitioning to electric or are already well underway on your EV journey. The iEquos all-in-one platform provides an essential management system for any fleet, whether drivers are charging at home, at the workplace or on the go using the public charging network. 

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User-friendly platform to manage your electric fleet

Experience increased control of your charging system, as well as gain deeper insights into your e-fleet. Whatever the size of your fleet, manage users, individual charge points, and payment expensing as well as utilise full smart charging features of your EV chargers. View an entire overview of your system as well as individual driver activity, such as energy usage, carbon footprint and charge point status. 

  • Easily invite new drivers
  • Set up new chargers, as and when needed
  • Optimise fleet charging
  • 24/7 fault monitoring
  •  Full usage reporting

Tailored billing for your fleet

Take control of your fleet costs and driver expenses within the iEquos platform. Create a billing solution that’s tailored to your fleet, allowing for drivers to be reimbursed when charging at home, resulting in just one invoice that covers your entire EV fleet charging system. 

  • Tailored billing solutions
  • Easy fleet energy expensing
  • No paperwork – manage all finances within iEquos

Completely scalable

With iEquos, you can scale your management system up or down depending on your fleet size and business needs.

  • Easily add new fleet drivers to the system
  •  Integrate new charge points as your fleet grows

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