A complete EV Charging solution for homes

Simplify at-home charging and manage your EV charger, as well as keep track of your energy usage with the iEquos platform. Easy to use, simply download the iEquos app to get started. 

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User-friendly platform to manage your home EV charger

Take control of your home EV charger with the iEquos App. View charging history, energy usage, charging status of your EV and much more. Set charging schedules so you charge your vehicle at the most optimal tariff time and be notified of any system issues.  

  • Set a charging schedule
  • View overview of charging history & energy usage
  • View charging status

iEquos iPhone Software

24/7 monitoring

Be confident that your home EV charger is always in working order, due to the iEquos platform monitoring your system and notifying you of any issues. Whether you’ve experienced a power cut or a system fault, the platform will let you know that something is not quite right, meaning no unexpected surprises before you get into your vehicle, and find it hasn’t charged.

  • 24/7 monitoring for system faults
  • Real-time charger status
  • Peace of mind

Energy & cost efficient

Make your home charge point work smarter and have total control of the system. Set up charging schedules that work with your current energy tariff, charging your EV at the cheapest time of day for total cost efficiency. 

  • Scheduled charging
  • Lowest cost charging
  • Energy optimisation

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