EV Charging Solution for Residental Housing

We make it easy for your residents to join the EV revolution whilst providing a simple all-in-one management system for you. A solution designed for flats, apartments, and communities, the iEquos platform enables you to easily manage users, tariff levels, charge point usage and payments.

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Easy to use platform to manage residential EV charging

Manage all aspects of your EV charge point system within the tailored iEquos platform, making it easy for residents and guests to adopt and charge their EVs. Choose who has access to the charge points, when and at what cost per kWh. Plus, have oversight over the entire system including individual usage and setting charge schedules.

  • Choose the price per kwh
  • Decide who can use your charge points
  • Set charge point opening times
  • Set charging schedules for residents to offer them guaranteed sockets


All-in-one, automated billing

Set your tariffs and the price of EV charging, and the iEquos platform will keep track of all user payments and charging sessions. Choose the billing solution that suits your business and your residents, whether that be a monthly invoice or instant payment. Users can pay via Apply Pay, Google, credit or debit card as well as by charge key.

  • Tailored billing solutions
  • Ability for real-time payment
  • No paperwork – manage all finances within iEquos


Completely scalable

With iEquos, you can scale your management system up or down depending on your business needs, as well as demand.

  • Add/remove charge point users as they
  • Move in/out of the community
  • Integrate new charge points as demand increases
  • Easily switch between different tariffs


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